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More Expansion Plans For Milton Keynes

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default More Expansion Plans For Milton Keynes

Post by Mr007 Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:58 am

More Expansion Plans For Milton Keynes

As part of the British government's continued designs with their vehicle English Partnerships for Milton Keynes becoming a major population hotspot in England, Rick Mather Architects offer a roundabout free vision of the final undeveloped grid square in the centre.

Imaginatively entitled "the Sustainable Residential Quarter", a name that no doubt took weeks for focus groups to come up with, the scheme consists of 2,400 new homes. It will have in it 1 to 3 bedroom apartments making up 70% of the total and 3-4 bedroom terraced townhouses making up the other 30% with 30% of the total number residences affordable corresponding with Milton Keynes council policy on the amount of affordable housing.

Outside space is provided for apartments with green roof spaces whilst others will have winter gardens. There will be extensive tree planting with the main routes through the area lined with trees on the central reservation too.

Milton Keynes is very much a place you need to get a car to move around but moves have been made towards helping to stop this by limiting each home to a maximum of one parking space each, either in basement parking or on the street.

The existing Milton Keynes street has a car-parking strip which will be built over with them being replaced by pavements. Not only does this create a more traditional streetscape from the wide Milton Keynes boulevards of old but also gives the developers more space to play with.

It's not all good news though for haters of traditional Milton Keynes as sadly the plans will see the existing roundabouts on the corners of the site preserved missing an opportunity to break away from one of the things that has made the place so infamous.

In 1987 Milton Keynes rather incredibly doubled for Metropolis in Superman 4, although nothing was filmed from the second floor upwards. These plans do see Milton Keynes reaching for the sky just a little more than previously with apartment blocks now typically reaching up to 6-8 stories or thereabouts.

For a 39 hectare site that's a mere 25 homes per acre. The number of dwellings is incredibly low density, particularly for somewhere that is the centre of a city predicted to have a population of over 300,000 by 2025 and is eating into adjoining greenfield land, showing that despite local concerns there is little appetite at Westminster for urban intensification on the scale that has so worried existing residents.

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