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First Images of New Leicester Tower

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default First Images of New Leicester Tower

Post by Mr007 Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:59 am

First Images of New Leicester Tower

These are the first images of Westbridge Living's planned tower for Leicester to stand along the two residential ones they already have approved.

Designed by Ian Simpson with his traditional slab form employed and rectangular patterned cladding, there is more than a slight resemblance to the Beetham Tower in Manchester apart from the missing blade and mid-level cantilever.

At day the tower will have reflective transparent glass that becomes a chequer-board thanks to the use of blinds behind. At night these should change the appearance of each individual panelling creating an outer random patterning that is changed by the occupants.

One of the definite highlights of the scheme is the mid-level skybar and associated areas that is a large mezzanine area of varying floor heights occupying the middle four levels of the tower. In it will be a bar, restaurant and gym and swimming pool that will provide commanding views for anyone who fancies prancing around in a swimsuit in full view of Leicester.

There will also be a large area at the top of the building again laid out over the equivalent of several floors that will crown the tower with a roof garden. At night it will serve as a beacon illuminating the development.

The ground entrance area to the building takes up two levels and employs that old modernist trick of a large transparent lobby creating the impression of the bulk of the tower floating above supported by columns.

If built then this will easily be the tallest building in Leicester and contain a 200 bedroom hotel plus 176 new apartments.

At 39 floors it will clearly be over 115 metres high putting the current tallest, the Cardinal Telephone Exchange which is only 84 metres very much in the shade. This is also the current tallest building to roof in the whole of the East Midlands so local rival Nottingham, the East Midland's core city will have some catching up to do.

It's not all easy sailing however for Westbridge. Leicester has a strong civic society which is attempting to oppose the proposals worrying about it's effect on the riverside location it occupies. The council planning officials have however recommended the scheme for approval and councillors will be deciding for themselves this coming Tuesday whether or not Leicester will finally get in the high-rise game proper.

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